Flint Hills Place Rehabilitation
Developer: R& J Investments
Contractor: DF Osborne Construction
development received several improvements over the years through the use of capital
funding provided by HUD.  However, due to the age, construction and normal wear and tear
over the years, the development was in need of major renovations in order to ensure quality
affordable housing, and to avoid a potential marketing problem with the construction of The
On February 10, 2006 the Manhattan Housing Authority submitted an application to the
Special Applications Center of HUD to dispose of the land and structures which occupy
approximately 7.5 acres at the corner of North Manhattan and Kimball Avenue to the
Manhattan Area Housing Partnership (MAHP).  The purpose of this request was to facilitate
improvements to be financed through Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) in the
amount of $3,068,470; Permanent Loan (Horizon Bank) $495,000 and Deferred Developer
Fees of $8,000, bringing the total project cost to $3,714,470.  The improvements were
designed so that, once completed, the existing units would blend with the new construction
to have the appearance of one congruent affordable housing campus.  

With the addition of LIHTC units, the rent structure changed from 100% public housing to a
50/50 mix of public housing (income-based rent) and tax credit housing (fixed rents below
fair market rents).  This is commonly known as a ‘mixed finance development’.  The Housing
Authority continues to manage the property but has no ownership interest in the property.  

The Flint Hills Improvements, Inc. community consists of one, two, three and four bedroom
units, all with one bath, except in the four bedroom units, which have two; the units are
contained in triplexes and four-plexes, with a maintenance shop on-site.  Amenities include
an on-site office, common areas for residents, a resident computer lab, playground
equipment, and a covered bus shelter.  Two units (a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom)
have been removed from the rent rolls to accommodate the office and computer lab space.  
A Host/Hostess and Groundskeeper reside on-site and are provided a deduction in their
rent for monthly services.  Applicants must be income eligible, meeting 80% of Area Median
Income guidelines in addition to other screening criteria.

The Manhattan Housing Authority deeded all property to MAHP on September 5, 2007.  
Improvements were completed in June of 2008.
Scope of Work